History and Location



1728 The first mill is established. It produces jewellery, bowls, etc. In the following years a French cannon founder is given permission to build a cannon foundry but it is only after King Frederik V asks his chancellery adviser Johan F. Classens to take over that the foundry blossoms as well as the town around it.
1756 King Frederik issues a document permitting to call the town Friederichswerk.
1761 The construction of a new ammunition mill begins, Gjethuset, and right up to 1976 is used for heavy industry.
1940 Det Danske Stålvalseværk A/S (DDS) is established and produces profiles for the construction industry and plates for the shipping industry.
1965 Kontiværket is established as part of DDS. It employs 1600 workers. King Frederik IX visits the mill to celebrate its 25th anniversary.
2006 Duferco acquires “Kontiværket” (bar mill) and establishes Duferco Danish Steel A/S. Production restarts at the end of June with flats, rounds and squares.
2008 With the new investments in place, Duferco Danish Steel A/S will add the new mix of products and will increase tonnage volume compared to 2007.


The mill is located on Roskilde fjord in Federiksværk’, North Sealand.