Shipping and Logistics

Logistics department

Sea transport
Duferco Danish Steel A/S has its own harbour where the mill receives almost all deliveries of billets and from where it ships a small part of the finished product. The billets are discharged with mobile cranes, with an average lifting capacity of 10 tons. The harbour has a storage capacity of approx. 25’000 Mt of billets.

Truck transport
Most of the production is shipped by trucks to all over Europe. All trucks are loaded by magnet cranes.

Internal Logistics
After being discharged on the harbour, the billets are moved to Duferco Danish Steel’s billets’ yard by forklifts and Mafi-trailers.
During the summer of 2007, Duferco Danish Steel A/S extended its warehouse with an additional 3000 m2, thus reaching a total covered stocking capacity of 35’000 Mt of finished product.
All finished product is conveyed directly into the warehouse. In the warehouse, all bundles are sorted out by magnet cranes and placed into the dedicated boxes or stands, ready to be shipped or to be stocked for later shipment.

General Conditions of Sale and Delivery  (English Version)
Allgemeine Verkaufs- und Lieferungsbedingung  (Deutsch Version)