Duferco Danish Steel A/S is a significant producer of merchant bars generally employed in building, in construction for industrial and civil works, in agriculture, in the mechanical industry and shipbuilding applications.


Duferco is the world’s leading steel trader with a “hybrid” business model, which includes distribution, industrial as well as trading activities. Duferco’s activities span over 40 countries. In early June 2006, Duferco acquired Kontiværket, the bar mill originally established in 1940 by Det Danske Stålvalseværk, Denmark’s glorious steel plant. The production assets were transferred to Duferco Danish Steel A/S, a new company was established in connection with the acquisition. The work force was re-employed and implemented. Operations restarted in the second half of June 2006.


The business plan developed by Duferco in connection with the acquisition focuses on the complete review and redesign of the internal procedures of the business, with the goal to achieve substantial costs reduction, increase efficiency, boost productivity and improve the product mix. Duferco Danish Steel A/S is focused on the continuous quality and know-how improvement in the respect of the environment and the safety of the work force.
Besides the original production of flats, rounds and squares, the mill has extended it’s production range with an entirely new mix of profiles such as U-profiles, equal angles, unequal angles. Stock is always available for the customers in order to provide a prompt delivery on the short notice. The company’s goal is to be a flexible, efficient and dynamic team to better understand and satisfy the customers’ needs. Duferco Danish Steel A/S is an ISO 9001 certified company.


105,000 Tons





1728 The first mill is established. It produces jewellery, bowls, etc. In the following years a French cannon founder is given permission to build a cannon foundry but it is only after King Frederik V asks his chancellery adviser Johan F. Classens to take over that foundry blossoms as well as the town around it.

1756 King Frederik issues a document permitting to call the town Friederichswerk.

1761 The construction of a new ammunition mill begins Gjethuset, and right up to 1976 is used for heavy industry.

1940 Det Danske Stålvalseværk A/S (DDS) is established and produces profiles for the construction industry and plates for the shipping industry.

1965 Kontiværket is established as part of DDS. It employs 1600 workers. King Frederik IX visits the mill to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

2006 Duferco acquires “Kontiværket” (bar mill) and establishes Duferco Danish Steel A/S. Production restarts at the end of June with flats, rounds and squares.

2008 With the new investments in place, Duferco Danish Steel A/S added new mix of products and increased the tonnage volume compared to 2007.

2018 A major downstream step was taken with the installation of the first cold drawing line for flat, square and round bars.

2022 The second cold drawing line was installed to expand the range of bright steel products and improve the productivity.

2023 Building a new warehouse for a widened range of bright steel. Ready for fast delivery to the customers.

2024 (Summer stop): new reheating furnace automation, best product quality, less CO2.


Duferco Danish Steel is a dynamic company, constantly striving towards the improvement of the production processes and to the achievement of a high standard of customer service.

Flexibility, adaptability and loyalty are the core values that we appreciate in our employees.

If you believe you have the right attitude and skills to work for Duferco Danish Steel, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application to the HR Department at human.resources@duferco.dk